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Sunday, 12 February 2017

weaving day 42

I am on day 42 of my 365 page challenge.
A Page of drawing,painting or artistic brainstorming a day for a year

yesterday i came up with what i think will be the design of the speakers on my deco-blaster but what i will use as the speaker mesh is still undetermined

one option is to weave something myself this is no an easy option and probably not the one i will take but i am trying to try new things so today i gave weaving a go
i use news paper for my first toe dip in to the world of weaving and i don't think i did to badly so i may have to find myself a weaving project at some point 

you can leave a comment down below or a drawing prompt made of two random words (eg wicker dreadnought)and look out for my weekly youtube video out every Monday
here is the last one if you missed it 

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