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Monday, 13 February 2017

skulls and butterflies day 43

I am on day 43 of my 365 page challenge.
A Page of drawing,painting or artistic brainstorming a day for a year

skulls are a regular feature of my work partly because they get more page hits both on here on my blog and my Redbubble shop 
so when i want to work on a design for summer the first thing i ask myself in can i put a skull in that. which brigs me to today's page skulls and butterflies
the next step to turn my crude sketches in to a cool summer design for my redbubble shop will be to redraw the skull and butterfly on my computer on a black background and add a lot more butterflies flying around

you can leave a comment down below or a drawing prompt made of two random words (eg sunburned cranium) and look out for my weekly youtube video here is today's video of last week

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