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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

what to do when you're Busy Doing Nothing day44

I am on day 44 of my 365 page challenge.
A Page of drawing,painting or artistic brainstorming a day for a year
yesterday i did some sketching for a new design to add to my redbubble shop and i have an idea for the next one but i did not want to start work on it util i have finished what i have already started

so today i have just doodle starting with a scribbled line then filled in the gaps
one thing this doodle will allow me to try out a different editing technique for the video
editing all the clip together before i speed it up

you can leave a comment down below or a drawing prompt made of two random words (eg scribbled lawsuit) 
and don't forget to check out my redbubble shop  

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