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Saturday, 11 February 2017

explosive warning day 41

I am on day 41 of my 365 page challenge.
A Page of drawing,painting or artistic brainstorming a day for a year

i have been looking at bomb shelters and i have been thinking about building a art deco ghetto blaster or deco-blaster and now the two start to meet in the middle

yesterday as i was looking at bomb shelters i noticed how much the explosive warning sign looks like the classic art deco sunburst design. so on todays page i have modified it to turn it in to a potential speaker for my deco-blaster
 i still have a long way to go before i start building i still don't know what i will use for the speaker mash and i would like to put something inside it to play music so it's more that just a prop. the best thing would be a Bluetooth speaker and mp3 player.  
you can leave a comment down below or a drawing prompt made of two random words (eg hazardous hairdo) and you can follow me on twitter

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