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Wednesday, 9 December 2009


Escape Velocity
Trench foot's head was killing him the noise  was  unbearable he pulls his pillow tight over his head but it didn't really help. he gets out of bed and goes in to the living section. out of the windows he can see some of the other otuss. he walks through the kitchen  and in to the cockpit and sits down in the drive seat. out of the windows he can see the sky lark . A day after the 150 stolen otuss broke out of earths atmosphere two things happen one a large ship appeared on the long range radar over the radio it was decided that the rogue fleet would switch to emergency power and t maneuver in to the ship's dragged stream. hitching a ride without the ship knowing But to do this they will need to keep radio silence. The other thing that happened was Trench foot and will started to here a cooing noise from under their floor. The nose was a familiar one that of the doorstep pigeon. this noise was what was giving trench foot a headache
The doorstep pigeon was a genetically modified pest. GMP was released by geneticists trying to stop would hunger but was brand by members of the UN and major share holders of companies in the food industry as environmental terrorists. Claiming that GMPs wood kill the food industry and billions of people wood loose there jobs. This motivated a group of workers from hydroponics food solutions to set fire to the GMP lab as a result the arsonists got 5 years in a penal colony and a number of the GMPs escaped . the doorstep pigeon was the fastest spreading of the GMP it had been engineered to lay up to 100 eggs a day about 20 fertilized 80 unfertilized which they lay of anywhere warm enough to incubate there eggs. from the point of view of the pigeon the unfertilized eggs act as a decoy for predators and food for there chicks. From the view of humans the unfertilized egg are a basic diary staple.
Trench foot stares out the windows at the large floating rock and small outss.will enters the cockpit “Want a cup of tea?” “that would be grate thanks” will go into the kitchen and put the kettle on. Will comes back in with to mugs of dandelion tea one in a tramps mug the other in a smaller ship issue mug. the two of them sit there looking out for any landmarks so they can work out where they are but the sky lark blocks most of the view. weeks past without much happening they ate, they sleep and they watch. Till one day a red orb start to appears from behind the side of the sky lark like an sideways sun rises. The sky lark moved in to orbit around mars and a fleet of ships left its hanger and headed for mars. Once they shrink and disappear into the red orb  one by one the lights in the windows the hand full of otuss visible out of the front windows  turn off once all the lights will flicks a switch and all the lights on the ship turn off. This was a prearranged signal. When it reaches outss at the back of the group they switch on to full power and they accelerate out of the sky lark's drag stream. As outss pulled away from sky lark's influence the radio burst in to life. A feeling of relief come over Trench foot for weeks he was stuck talking to will who could and would spend hours talking about subjects Trench foot couldn't start to understand like the possible link between hyper light and dark matter, or  longevity escape velocity. And when he had a moment to his self there was still the unbearable noise of the pigeons. Now the radio was back on he could have a conversation he could understand and maybe someone my have a good idea how to get red of the pigeons.
The fleet moves like a swam of bugs around the asteroids of  the main belt focusing  in on a large object on the long range radar as they get closer it comes in to sight. they move closer still and the small gray shape turns to one of the most recognizable ships in space history the heliks .

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