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Tuesday, 8 December 2009

door 8: bags of fun????????

when i go out walking i often see bag hanging in bushes and tree. now i think we know what is it these bags. walking past one of these bag the other day i had an idea for a new sadistic reality game show . what if someone put keys in some of these bags of dog poo and one of those keys open a safe containing an obscene amount of money and contestants would have to go through poo bags all over the country looking for the right key.
then i thought who is odder me for having this idea or the person who picks up after there dog then hangs it in a tree instead of putting it in a bin.


  1. you are the odd one, not me. I put my dog poo in the branches so that I can continue my walk and find the poo later to put in the garbage. I am a concerned citizen and if you ever come to Poughkeepsie New York and walk around Vassar Farm you will find my dog's poo hanging from branches.

  2. well done, yours must be the only advent calender that has bags of shit behind one of its doors, at least i hope its the only one!

    does anyone else go back for these bags?