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Thursday, 10 December 2009

door:scrapbook scrap 2:Escape Velocity

where to start: this is my first story i have written that both follow (pretty much) straight from one story (nostalgia train) and overlapping another (red stone) one aims mind when writing this was to link number of unlink story together so it was going to set on Phily rock whith Trench foot and will retiling there story to Arthur Foss (from Rock hopping and Phily rock) but i know dialog isn't my strong point and i don't thing jumping head first into a dialog driven story would was a good idea.

you mug: one thing that you will see popping up time and again in my distopeian scrapbook are the tramps tea room mugs. now it don't take a genius to work out that tramps tea room is influenced by a real world coffee house (you know the one) well one of my university house mate worked there and one day he ask me to help him take the old newspapers from said coffee house to the dump after loading the newspapers into his car he went back in a come out with two bin bag full of chip and broken mugs then he went back for more. they never made it to the dump and this mugs were use for everything in our house my hamsters even slept in one. it is this that inspired  me to have the ttr mugs moving round my universe.

pest control : i have been slipping in pigeon wherever i can and have tried to include genetically modified pest back story in previous story but it never fitted in right until now.
 pigeon in the past
"Mike takes the tray from his brother and starts to slurp the pigeon soup." (Nickabocka glory)
"prosecution to cull doorstep pigeons Rejected" (Political suicide)
"A number of pigeons fly down to the bin to check out its new contents"(dunk and cover)

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