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Sunday, 6 May 2018

Editing big round video

my main job for to day was to finish the video for the big round mask I have been working on.  I started making the mask in January so there was a lot of  footage well over an hour it's a good job I didn't film every second of the build or editing may have been imposable. I had already edited some of the footage into blocks to make the final edit an easier job and so my video files did not get into a  big jumble. So today  I had to put them all together then get the video down to a time I think people may actually watch. This meant seeding some clips a lot more than I usually do.
Then I needed to add some sound. I start this by exporting the video original sound in to Sony acid. than I pay around adding music and sounds, messing them up until I get something I like.
Being a fan of the odd the sound I am looking for is one that just falls shout of the label “music”
once the sound is done I load it in to adobe premiere and add it to the video
now I just need to upload the whole thing to YouTube ready for Tuesday 

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