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Friday, 5 November 2010

something from the weekend: the round up 15% off use discountcode: IanByfordArt_is_on_sale_9568

no monday i post the last part of my something from the weekend project. i start this project for a number of reasons
1. to try and push my designs in a different direction. and from day one of the project thing headed for the surreal side of the track with this my frist tee
2. to push me to try some new techniques. i don't think this happened to muck for most of the tee i used the same simplify and trace technique because it was easier to estimate how long the design would take to finish and you can see early on in the design is going to look when finished. but not all tee used this technique like this one
on which i tried out allot of different effect  in different combinations but i think it come out looking grate 

3. try and get more people moving between my blog and redbubble this has only relay work one way form here to bubble
4. to sell some tees and make some money to date this has not work but it not all over yet the tee are staying  on rebbubble and all the blog post are siting around waiting to direct people to them. and at the moment (tell november 14) there is 15% off  when you use discount code: IanByfordArt_is_on_sale_9568 at the checkout 

well that my roundup and to end it i here my favorite tee from the project 

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