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Monday, 8 November 2010

having a poke around

i would normally be posting a new tee today but with the sftw project over i have no new tee for you today but i am starting a new project and will be posting the first part up on friday if all go to plan.
so today i'm go to share a interesting link with you and i don't mean a link to my redbubbule profile where you can get 15% off by useing discount code: IanByfordArt_is_on_sale_9568 at the checkout until november 14th (sorry about the plug but i had to crowbar it in somewhere)
if you like poke around the street as well as the web check out the shady old lady's guide to london it full of lot of little thing to you have no need to no but still mite like to. each location has a brief deception a map and are early browsed by theme like this list of london murder-related places

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