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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Buy me a pub before it’s too late

I believe Shakespeare once said “ rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated” well it was rumor of a pubs death that triggered this post
My dad told me that the old lady across the road told him that her son told her that the gun and magpie was in the middle of being pulled down. . so I headed off with my camera to get a photo of another pub fading in to history. only to find it standing proud

It is however for sale and i fear that the fate of this pup and many other pubs for sale my come down to who knows who on the planning committee

so if anyone out there wants to save one of these buildings before they get knocked down and turned in to luxury apartments so small you cant get am erection in them without opening a window first. Fill free to buy me the gun and magpie or any pub for that matter

I cant say I’ll be able to run a pub but I could put the original building to good use the bar would make a grate gallery and the cellar a studio and most importantly I’ll have room to build my coffin

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  1. an entertaining and informative blog post!! more like this please!