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Wednesday, 29 July 2009

welcome to my world

there is a article Enfiled Advertiser i haven't read it yet because it 00.32 am
but some of you may of. so this is my welcome party for all you new to my vast Internet empire of wed pages and online profiles. you will find links to my pages and profiles Down the side of my blog but because i know it's harder to find stuff when you have drunk the obscenely alcoholic punch at a party i will include some links in this post.
i guess before i make too many spelling mistakes i'll point out that i'm dyslexic so you will just have to put up with the bad spelling and grammar.
despite being dyslexic i started a righting project my distopeian scrapbook which has now become part of most of my art. including my work which will be on show at bar form's form fest.
i also have two web shops one on redbubble where All t-shirts are 15% off, and any order with 5 or more shirts ships free until Thursday 30th, 23:59 US Pacific Time (you got here just i time)

you can also find me on facebook profile and fan page

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