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Thursday, 29 March 2018

the received internet wisdom

i have been reading what people say you need on your website. they all make it sound like to be on the internet you must show yourself to a be everyone's super happy friend. but this is not really who i am nor is it how i want to be see. so in place of the smiley selfie here is what i have come up with
i still also need to finish writing my new "about me"page but i come up with the same problem.
the received internet wisdom is you must to be on a ambitious inspiring mission.
I am not on a ambitious inspiring mission. 
i just want to spend my life do the things i find interesting and hope it may inspire others who find the same stuff interesting (oh and make some money to live on would be nice)
i need to find the best way to say that and try to use lots of search engine friendly keywords

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