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Sunday, 8 January 2017

day 7 logo

my brother is in need of a logo for his latest project and as usual it muggins here who has to do it.
he wanted something round,he wanted something ancient looking and he wanted some other stuff to
so for today's page i did some thinking on paper 
i was trying to give it a Aztec look with a sun and moon motif .i think i may want to put some of the guidelines back make the divide more obvious and make it look more complex
but the final say will be my brother's
if your thinking "hay i wonder what this brother of yours looks and if i can get his likeness on some cool stuff" well wonder no more

that's him
and that's him playing ghostbusters

don't for get to  eave drawing prompts in comment a drawing prompt is of two random words to get me drawing when i am stuck.
eg unisex raiment

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  1. The designs are very beautiful. Awesome list and very inspirational for designing 7 logos. i agree your points thanks.

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