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Monday, 12 December 2016

shopping with mummy?

today (21 November) i when Christmas shopping with my mum. first we went Covent Garden walked round the market and bought nothing. then we walked to leicester square. the Christmas market hadn't opened yet so we went round the world's largest lego store, bought nothing. i'll be honest because everyone was calling it the world's largest lego store i was expecting it to be bigger. went round mm world bought nothing.went round the nickelodeon store bought nothing.
Christmas market still was going to open for anther 40 minutes so we walk about for a bit and ended up at the national portrait gallery. walked round there for a bit then to the leicester square Christmas market bought nothing.
then we when to westfield stratford it rained(see photo) we bought nothing.
but i did't come home empty handed to see what i come home with come back tomorrow!!!

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