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Monday, 19 December 2016

365 page challenge

i gave you my basic plan for the 365 page challenge a couple of days ago. now i think i need to flesh out this project a bit, i have been looking at videos on YouTube of  peoples  drawing challenges, journal challenges, photo challenges, inktober challenges, and so on to help me work out what i want to do and how i am going to present it to you, here is what i have got so far

new day a new page

each day is a visual brainstorm (not a single standalone art piece)

when ever possible the page will be photo and uploaded the same day a scheduled to be posted and it the start of the next day (00:00 uk time)

weekly YouTube video, this will include photo of 7 page + work they led to.  (i will try to make this every Monday so the 1-7 of January will be edited on the 8th and posted on the 9th)

i will ask people to to leave drawing prompts in comment (a drawing prompt will be mabe up of two random word eg pickled rainbow, and will be use to get me drawing when i am stuck.

this is my plan as it stand

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