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Friday, 6 September 2013

the world will provide

my wallet was looking a bit of a mess, money kept dropping out of an increasing hole in the bottom, it had gained a compartment where the lining had come away from shell and the button that is meant to  hold it shut had gone awol. i need a new one, but i don't really like spending money. infact i take pleasure in being scrounger so when i spotted this
empty wallet laying in the street it made my day the world knew what i needed and  the world provided. but when i got home i found something in one of the card slots then i found another one in the zip up bit. two plectrums, was the world trying to tell me something and if so what. may the world be tell me to learn to play those guitars it sent my way. or is it trying to remind me that when i write a post with the word guitar in it i get a lot more hits and it would be good to find an excuse write about guitars again,

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