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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Buy me a substation before it’s too late

in an earlier post called "Buy me a pub before it’s too late" i asked if any of you wanted to buy me one of the three pubs for sale near where i live before someone knocks them down well i am happy to report that all three are still standing and one of them is being used as a pub of all things!
so my property dreams have shifted 
 there is one problem (apart from the fact i can't afford to buy any property) i don't know if this substation which i think wood make a cool little home is for sale.
 my thought when i saw the for sale sign outside was it was one of the flats next to the substation that was for sale then this came through the door
talking about updates to the national grid. if new bits of infrastructure are being add maybe some old bits are being sold off. so i headed to to see which wood come up boring flat or cool  substation?
but both were absent

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