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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

i may be missing a nut but I'm cooler than my brother

because i have two guitars i can't play were as my brother only has one guitar he can't play and simple maths will tell you that makes me one guitar cooler than him
the purple guitar was pulled out of a skip some time ago (before it was purple) and was in a bit of a mess so it became art with the use of a tin of paint and some circuit boards
the other  is a new addition which a neighbor was getting rid of and i think this one stand a chance of being made playable once more so i have been on Amazon ordering replacements for the broken strings and the nonexistent nut and the neck could do with some glue to hold it where it's meant to be.
then i need to tune it. now could of ordered a tuner from amazon 
but there an free app for that sort of thing

1 comment:

  1. I guess you think about your brother quite a bit.

    I have chocolate biscuits now your thinking about me
    sadly I'm lying, but we have always got tea