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Friday, 10 February 2012

"WE DID IT" (the illuminati strikes again)

here is my new t-shirt just add to my redbubble inspired by two secretive organization,
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the first secretive group is every conspiracy theorist favorite evil overloads  the illuminati, an secret organization that the whole internet know includes Lady GagaGeorge W. Bush,Elizabeth II(well the whole british royal family) and any one else who is successful and rich and if your not successful or rich you can be dam shore the illuminati had something to do with it (it because of the illuminat i don't live in stately wayne manor) one of there favorite and most powerful symbols is the all seeing eye or Eye of Providence which the stick everywhere just to let you know that the highly secretive illuminati waz ere doing highly secretive secret bad stuff for secret reasons that your not permitted to know but you can read all about online.

the other secretive organization the Army of the Twelve Monkeys the fictional (unlike the illuminati) animal rights group who let all the animal out of a zoo in the film 12 Monkeys and spray painted we did it on wall around the city and got the blame for releasing a dead virus

1 comment:

  1. m Is it possible that I
    o have vast secret hidden wealth,
    n with them in the know
    e scheming with underhanded plans
    y to keep it from me.