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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

waltham cross comic book shop: nerdvana

inspired by a leaflet called Broxbourne borough council waltham cross renaissance project in which the council gave a verge out line of how they are going to try to improve the appearance of waltham cross. well forget widening pavements and planting trees here is how i wood improve my town
nerdvana,waltham cross, art
 with a big kryptonite green nerdy shop stuff full of nerdy stuff. ok i have had to evict fishpools the south east's largest quality furniture store which has been in the town since 1899 but i believe it was shakespeare who said "the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one" and we all need to geek out from time to time. and it's not like my shop won't stock furniture I'm shore a replica of James Tiberius kirk's captain's chair wood look fantastic in your living room. or maybe a full size tardis (out side dimensions) to keep your comic book collection in (don't forget to check out the back issue department)
this shop has everything any geek, nerd or otaku could ever need or want
it will be A to Lord Zedd of all things geek. comic, action figures, war games you name it this shop stocks it. even that really obscure film you saw on late night tv and can't remember the name of they have it on dvd and blue ray and have the even more obscure graphic novel it was based on.
unfortunately it doesn't exist so you have to settle for a print of nerdvana

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