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Sunday, 1 January 2012

it's 2012

so it's 2012 so i guess i should put 2011 to rest with a bit of an obituary
in 1211 wrote 96 post for this blog which is a bit disappointing seeing as i posted 123 in both 2010 and 2009 so i'm going to try harder this year
in 2011 this blog got  4,582 hit compared to 2010's 4,824 which at first gals looks bad but with statistics you can usually put a good spin on them and technically in 2011 i got an average  of 47.729167 hits pre post compared to 2010's 39.243902 so i'm counting that as a win

i have sold
9 t-shirts (it was 5 in 2010)
5 sticker (0 in 2010)
and 1 i-phone case (0 in 2010)
that right somewhere out there in the big wide world is a super cool and undoubtedly ultra attractive individual with head on the back of there i-phone

so that was 2011 ( also some dictators died) but what will 2012 hold in store
maybe me and my brother will finish the soundArt project (started in 08)
maybe i'll get round to continuing my distopeian scrapbook
maybe i'll sell 10 t-shirts
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maybe a the illuminati will blow up london during the olympics as blatantly predicted  by this card
 but if nothing happens i'm shore it won't be long before this card blatantly predicted something else.

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