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Friday, 9 December 2011

door 9 thinking of spending money

i.m not much of a spender in fact you wouldn't be unjustified in call me tight. but im an toiling with the idea of buying my self a flip mino hd camcorder not the newest one obviously 79.99 ? im not made of money. but the first flip mino hd is 49.99 is more in my price range but not low enough for me to um and arr about it
what i want to go is try doing some video art my only attempt at this was at a old Digital camera

i have had a look at mobile phones with camera but i don't think i would get the recoding quality i want at a good prices (on o2 pay as you go)
any one got any suggestion on any thing else to consider that may be better value than the flip and should i what till January to see if the flip mino 2 go down to £50 or the flip mino get cheeper?

1 comment:

  1. make sure you shop around first. megashopbot is good for comparisons.

    and the rate that technology advances, you are bound to get left behind no matter what, embrace your outdated tools and the limits they impose in this digital age.

    look how retro photography styles are in fashion!