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Saturday, 26 November 2011

my trouble with zazzle

head- Shoe PRO-Keds Royal Lo kedsshoe
head- Shoe PRO-Keds Royal Lo
this week i add these new head shoes in my zazzle shop and i want to tying to promote them on
  facebook, google+twitter,on this blog and any where else i can
but the problem is i don't a zazzle shop i have 17 zazzle shops
so which one to link to ?
the first logical answer is after all thats were i am but most of my traffic is form (too use a rather empyreal and outdated turn of phrase) the colonies
(Canada,New Zealand and Australia)
and most people following on the social networks are Americans
 so am hoping (or maybe wishing) a knowledgeable techie may be abel to inform me of some kind of magical  (and simple set up and embed) link which will send people to the right page based on there ip address.
does this exist or an i living in a fantasy-land were you can scan  lot of photos in to a computer attache it to a barbie doll and make a Kelly LeBrock?

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