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Friday, 3 December 2010

door 3:if i divide will i conquer?

Wednesday my brother asked me if i had thought about having more than one blog.
and the answer, yes i had but i didn't think having a separate blog would be beneficial.
but this was not what he was suggesting he was suggesting have separate t-shirts blogs for my "if i had" page and my distopeian scrapbook  
so i have been thinking it over and it don't sound like a bad idea.
i can have them linked to this page in the side bar or and the top of the page jast like i have links to them now. but more sites may get more people coming from searches and the ad (which i get payed for if you click on) will be targeted better and the affiliate links (which i get payed for if you buy something) on the if i had page will stay up longer   
(i don't get paid for donations from this months if i had page)

so i am asking you if you think i should divide or not???

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