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Monday, 13 December 2010


i think shakespeare once said "i've got my mind on my money and my money on my mind"

as you know I'm dividing my blog in to three my Distopeian scrapbook is up and running and so I'm now thinking about the third of my blogs currently this lives as my if i had page which changes every month and has no archive.

the idea of the if i had page was a away to share affiliated links to make some money without writing revues which is hard to do if you not got money to spend on stuff to revue. so i told you what I'd spend money on if i had any. but i think as a on going blog this may get tedious.

so  for thenew blog i going come up with an amusing reason to share affiliated links for each post. one idea in my head at the moment is albums that should be turned in to rock-operas.
but what should i call my new blog?
i tried coming up with a snappy title but have not got very far i even tried using an anagram generator but the best i got was "Fabled idiot In Affray" an anagram of ian byford affiliated

any ideas for blog names? let me know in the comments

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