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Sunday, 21 November 2010

i'll have a "G" please bob

i know i know i posted two t-shirt posts in a row and i told you i was going to try not to do that but things get  in the way. ok one of the thing that gets in the way is laziness but another is my brother calling me up and telling me he's  got no one to go to a gig with. so before i end up with 3 t-shirt posts in a row here a review of an oddly enjoyable night out.
i say oddly because you don't expect a good night to contain scenes like this

but this one did. the artist my brother was eager to see was Marina Gasolina former member of Bonde Do RolĂȘ who was playing in brixton as was the Deftones. Deftones were play bixton Academy ware as  Marina Gasolina was playing a free gig at The Rest is Noise (a bar near to the bixton Academy)

i met my brother in Enfiled town were he had just finished work we had a quick drink in a local pub then jumped on the train
we came out bixton station with a sea of deftones fans and squeezed in to the bar were a good number of the  deftones fans had washed up for a pint before heading to the Academy as there numbers finned we grabbed  a table right in front  of the stage. as we sat there waiting for the gig to start and coming to the conclusion that the woman sitting on a table next to the stage was not the singer we had come to see (she was) the bar slowly emptied behind us. soon the tables that had been covered in glasses were cleared by the fast moving staff. we asked what time the band would be going on and was told it would be once it's started getting busier (aka when the deftones had finished down the road)

so to parse the time and to make our drink last longer we played some of the games that were stack on a table. first play connect 4 with less red Pieces than yellow. then block buster which never of us know how to play. and i got to say it was jolly good fun not what you would plan for a night out but i cant say there was anything bad about the night.

oh the music. that was good to here some photos

Marina Gasolina

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