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Friday, 11 June 2010

some thing for the weekend 4:octopus in oil

every friday i'm take some photos and turn one or more in to a t-shirt before the end of the day then upload the photo and a picture of work in progress for you to see.
ok i'm going to put my hand up i cheated. i took this photo before friday had started. i was siting in the living room room watching spring watch when i notice the jar of octopus in oil on the shelf next to me and thought Why haven't i put that on a t-shirt yet.
now some of my be thinking why should we let you get away with this?
other may be thinking why do you have a jar of octopus in oil on a shelf in your living room?
i don't have have a good answer for these  questions but i do have a cool new t-shirt design 

1 comment:

  1. i don't know if i am amazed or disgusted by this.

    that is my octopus in oil, and it was a present. which realy doesn't explain anything does it?