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Sunday, 9 May 2010

scrapbook scrap 6 :lidless eyes

your not as big as you are on the TV; i not 100% happy with the art work (print and cards here by the way)  because mary (in the yellow)  isn't as tall as in my head as she is in the art work. i tried making here shorter in the art work but she then look like a child.

Mary's back story: i do have a bit of a back story for mary which has not mad it in to my story but when i know something i do like to drop bits and bob it to the story so later on they don't come out of nowhere this is way marry was packing her gymnastics trophies at the start of the story (gymnasts can often be on the short side by the way)

kip's back story: I'm dyslectic and some people think the best way to help dyslectic read better is to make them read book written for set reading levels ignoring fact the you are smarter then other children reading at that level (because older not because the other kid are thick) and haven on interest the storys so i have taken my anger out on one of the characters from these books by making him a junky.

the right place at the right time: one thing i need to do in this story was get every one in the right place at the end so they know what they need to know at the start of the next story "gypsies tramps and thieves"that I'm writing now with out dragging out to long because it no fun waiting for someone to find out what you all ready know.

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