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Friday, 9 April 2010

soundArt 8

SoundArt8 by Hunchbakk
here it is sound SoundArt 8 practically perfect in every way apart from being a bit late but we all perfection takes time and I've got to tell you this art work did take time i started it at the same time as SoundArt 6 you wouldn't think rolling one length of tape from a cassette tape (remember them from back it the day)  round another would be hard but i'm telling you now it is!! but i think it looks dam good it looks like a crossbreed between cassette tape and a CD(remember them from back it the day) or min disc(remember them from back it the day) but also with all the lines going round it looks a bit lick a record (remember them from back it the day)
and now thanks to Huncbakk it now dam good sounding mp3

1 comment:

  1. just letting you know that it displays (and plays) fine, incase it still wasn't showing up on dad's medieval connection