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Monday, 8 March 2010

scrapbook scrap 5 : mum run

a rose by any other name: this story see the retune of Grunt (first seen in Grunt) and Blodwen who was nameless in no new. Grunt is call Grunt because i wanted a name which is hard to say in a way that sounds nice. but clearly a nick name and in these we find out his real name is Nicolas Raynton this is a local history referents Forty Hall in Enfield built by Sir Hugh Fortee and for Nicolas Raynton. Grunt has a third name license number DD.43.Q.879 was a the name of a Pigeon who won the Dickin Medal in 1947
Blodwen name less complicated i wanted here to be Welsh so i when though name book to find a name which was welsh and did the same for here mum

duality: one of the reasons logger is that it tow simultaneous story originally was going to write the Blodwen story first then the Grunt story but thought it was a good opportunity to link earth to Neptune so i built some parallels  like both characters starting the story by sculptures Blodwen by a Venus figure and Grunt by Grey's Monument in Newcastle a Monument to Charles Grey, 2nd Earl Grey who Earl Grey tea is named after.
print of illustration now on redbubble

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