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Monday, 21 December 2009

door 21: scrapbook scraps3:Too cold for ice cream

too cold for ice cream
illustration: for this i use elements the illustration for Nickabocka glory the first  Tommy & Mike
brick wall,cctv camera and there cosmopolitan ice cream van

this home may be broken but it don't need fixing: this story adds to Emma daughter and Robin join the family two characters how i cut out of Nickabocka glory . Emma is Tommy & Mike little sister .i don't have the family back-story fully work out but emma was kick out when she got pregnant, Mike was kick out soon later (i don't know why yet) Tommy left home to help his brother and sister making family unit without there parents  

the man with the van: Tommy the oldest was helping Mike kick his dug problem in Nickabocka glory and we find he help Emma out when she got pregnant without a license and under age. in a part of the story i cut out because it don't fit right it was reveal Tommy was an Robin birth when Mike said to Robin that Tommy felt sick or i one version was sick when he first saw her and Tommy responded by say "no one need to see there sister in birthing stirrups.

brothers and sofas: in a story about  brother and sisters there is a nod to my brother in the form of the  stray sofas Tommy and Mike are pulling apart so Emma can sell the fabric on here market stall at the river rat boutique.

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