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Wednesday, 2 December 2009

door 2: we're cooking with gas

day one of blogmass went well now lets do it all again and maybe throw in a free mp3 from Hunchbakk this time.
yesterday i launched my new zazzle shop and brought back the tramps tea room mug . today i am adding a very important accessory to the Tramps tea room mug, the tramps tea room apron because everyone knows it's very dangerous to drink hot tea when naked so it's always a good idea to put on an apron so you don't burn your jiggly bits!
and to help you get in the festive mood my brother Hunchbakk has put his christmas single back online so don't forget to go over to the hunchblog to say thank you to Mr Hunchback for the mp3 and see what else he is up to.
as you look at the cover of Hunchbakks christmas single i can tell you are all thinking the same thing "i hope there's a tramps tea room apron in that box !"

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