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Monday, 23 November 2009

Blogmass Non press release

Blogmass Non press release
usually the first step to promoting an event is a press release but with the newspapers losing there power to bloggers, Twitterers and social networkers. I have decided to write a non press release for all of you with your own voices in the hope you will use you power of mass communication to give me some free publicity so here it is my non press release

It's Blogmass
young talented sexy artist Ian Byford (well someone must think I'm talented and sexy) is embarking on a advent blog fest he calls blogmass from december 1st -25th Ian Byford will be bloging daily(unless my computer throws a wobbly) at this period Ian Byford will be
  • opening a new wed shop at*
  • launch new products (well you can't have a shop without stuff in it)
  • posting new festive stories from his distopeian scrapbook
  • making mp3 by Hunchbakk, from there sound art project available for free download
Ian Byford's Blogmass will show you why this super duper artist with overwhelming talent and charisma (maybe I went over the top there) is making a name for himself with his art work taking to the street in the form of wearable products and taking to the air in the form of music crafted by the talented and innovative hunchbakk. based on original art work by Ian Byford in there collaborative soundArt project.

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