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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

scrapbook scrap 1: Dunk and cover

Dunk and cover :missing illustration
lots of bit and bobs get cut out of my distopeian scrapbook stories but this was the first time i cut out the illustration . i cut this out because when adding the color it never quit look right so i left it out.
dunk and cover: deleted teapot
tea clearly is a running theme in my stories so when doing some research for dunk and cover i came across Operation Teapot a series of fourteen nuclear test explosions conducted at the Nevada Test Site stared trying to get it in story at first the meting with the informant took place in the gift shop by the Operation Teapot souvenir Teapots but i move the meting to the Manhattan room and the Operation Teapot souvenir Teapots never maed it back it to the story

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