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Friday, 24 July 2009

go go go!!!!!!!!!!

i have just got back fro sel out @ bar form (well got back had a cup of tea and written a blog)
just going to catch you up on some stuff
. was taking photo an sel out and will upload photos of the fetts,ben darius ralph and the jacks from the night soon-ish
. my work will be on show as part of bar from 3 day on the 2nd of august and you can grab a free distopeian scrapbook mini comic (bubblegum stomp will also be be djing on the 1st)
. there is 15 % off t-shirts at redbubble until the 30th of july this is a great excuse to buy one of my t-shirts if you need more excuses I think i can come up with some more like free shipping when you buy 5 or more, or because that over size teddy bear your boyfriend got you need to cover his nakedness.

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