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Friday, 12 June 2009

Judge a book by it cover

i have been work on a book & cd cover for steven cowley

and this got me thinking about the future of my distopeian scrapbook i have look at some self publishing site and it is posable using on demand publishing to put a book out at no cost to me (the same way i sell my t-shirts) and with some site get it on (how cool is that) but the price of the book will be a bit on the hight side

so i what to know what you think a bout E-book as i cant sell e-book though the some site and have full control over price. do you read e-books? how much would you pay for a e-book? please let me know.

ps new t-shirts in my shops 

1 comment:

  1. realy liking the Book and CD covers

    and the Distopeian cover too

    i think maybe a cheap download e-book as a kinda keepsake and pull all the seperate threads together, but keep an option open of an actual physical book incase anyone loves it enough to want a hard copy